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Hawk Smoking!!! Census Future
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Well I'm sure all of you have heard and read about how we need to save OUR KIDS from the mean old tabacco companies. IF the issue is saving our kids , and I do mean IF!! Why wouldn't you just ban this killer (cigaretts). Why would you want billions of dollars and let the tabacco companies stil sell these deadly killers that jump in to your mouth?

The TRUTH is, if you can handle it is the federal and state governments live for spending money!! You are txed half of you income now so the governments can't just raise taxes. SO they see the tabacco companies as heving loads of money. This is just the first test to get money for new programs without saying the government raised taxes.. But Why would the tabacco companies fight this after all they will just pass the cost on to the costomers?? So its just another hiden TAX like the Algore TAX on phones. IF the government can dicide what is good for you and make money doing it there will be no stopping them... Liquor, burgers. donuts, cars we choose to drive, movies we choose to watch.. Theres no end.. They will tax any and everything that is not aproved by the party in power.

NOW onto the IF!! If cigaretts are killing people , and we need to save our kids. Just ban them!!! If there so bad that thousands of people are dieing. JUST BAN THEM!! but I think most of the people see its not about saving any one from the evil tabacco its who has money and how can they get it..

ANY WAY ---- why sould we worry about the freedom of choice, the government know whats best for you!!!


I don't know how many of you keep up with whats going on in government, but try. One of the issues coming up is the census and how we counnt heads. The way It been done in the past ( counting each person as best as can be done) or counting a percentage and guessing the rest... This is the issue but the constitution says that the people must be counted. The constitution nerver spot the democrates be for. They seem to think the contitution changes with every new issue that comes all long.

You might say whats the difference does it make?? Well all the stuff the government does is based on how many people are in a a town or city. The money the loacal (state and city) governments are based on this. If a local government and just guess how many people where missed on the census, it could mean millions of dollars for the local treasury. BUT thats not the really big problem with just guessing.

You might say, so what if my local government get more money then they deserve we need it! But do you realize that the representative for you state are based on how many people there are in a given district. (the more people, the more districts, the more repersentitives, the more votes your state getts in the house).So the real isue is-- does it seem right to ignore what the constitution said just to swing the power of the vote in one direction or the other?You might say so what, we need more votes to get what we want done. I guess if you don't care in accuracy or a honest government its ok. But I for one don't like the government guessing about ant thing.. What would youhave them do next ,, guess that you meant when yu voted in the lat election?? Or guess what you want your kids to be taught in schools (OH there all ready do that and guess what there grads our too)..

The problem here is in RULES! and how the governnment can change them to manipulate the out come. You see it all the time in the way calculated facts come out.. there all ways out just in time to promote a new program or new law to protect us from our selves . IF you can't trust the government to get you striaght facts, how can you evre trust them to guess right!!

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