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Al Gore says it's a fact - "Scientists are sounding the alarm - Global Warming is here." Al, your nose is growing.

According to an extensive survey of state and regional climatologists from across the country, these scientists who work with weather trends on a daily basis, overwhelmingly disagree with the White House.

The survey was conducted by the independent market research firm, American View, located in Alexandria, Virginia. Here's what they found.

58% of the climatologists DISAGREE that Global Warming is real; 89% AGREE that science is not able to isolate and measure global temperatures caused only by MAN-MADE factors; 92% AGREED that scientific evidence indicates global temperatures are NATURAL and cyclical; 61% DISAGREED that removing man-made emissions from the atmosphere will prevent Global Warming; 86% DISAGREED with the reliance on computer models; 100% AGREED that the Earth's climate would change WITHOUT HUMANS ON EARTH.

And in case you think this was just a biased, right-wing survey, 75% of the climatologists interviewed considered themselves to be MODERATE TO LIBERAL, while only 20% considered themselves CONSERVATIVE. And still they agreed that Al Gore is full of bunk.

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