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Hawk In the
9/20/97 7/12/98 Future
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Hawks Thoughts
Inside look at A Right Wing Conspirator
Hawk Talk

Hawks Beginning

6/15/97 >The Hawk has not always been the Hawk. Born in Tennessee in a very small town, (McMinnville TN). Living on a dairy farm, life was hard. Then as a young boy of five, the farm went under. He was kidnaped by northern collaborators (Ma and Pa) and taken to Chicago. Life was hard there too, but hard work and dedication to family Pa made life better. Hawk got a good education and graduated for high school into the work force. Hawk was always working. From the age of 14 he always knew that if you want something you work of it. So he saved his money and at the age of 18 he was asked to strike out on his own. The thing he remembers about that faithful night was the encouraging words from Pa (son it's a dog eat dog world out there and you'll never make it). Out on his own, Hawk has been running with the big dogs ever since. Hawk worked his way up to be a carpenter and a union man working the big jobs. At the age of 21 he took a bride and for 2 years they moved every 6 months. Going from apartment to apartment. the weekends where the only thing they looked forward to. They had a van setup for camping with a canoe on top ready to go at all times, but that was not enough. The weekend trips where more drive time than fishing time. So on a trip to the Smokies Hawk and his young bride swung southwest to come through the little town from the past. But the town had changed. Now there was a TVA lake next to the town (Center Hill Lake). Hawk was impressed. Lake on one side, Cumberland Mountains on the other. With two rivers and lots of creeks he new he had to come home.

Hawk ask his wife "Honey do you like it here??? How would you like to live here???". Knowing that it was at the time in there lives to start thinking about little Hawks this would be the place to raise them, far from the big city. Two weeks later what wouldn't fit in the van and a trailer was left behind and a new chapter in there lives began. Life started out hard in the new land, but as a lesson learned early in life proved to be true again hard work and dedication payed off. After there first year they got there American dream. A small house in the country. With only one acre, the little house seemed like a farm. Hawk raised most of there food at that time. With a garden, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and milk goats they didn't need much. With a baby on the way they where ready for the new life.

At this time Hawk took up hunting along with fishing now. With plenty of deer meat in the freezer life was good. Hawk joined a gun club and that's where he got his name. Hawk had a eye for hunting. He could spot deer in the woods that no one else could see and at the shooting range, Hawk shot with the best. He only had two years of shooting time in but he had a steady hand that put him on target with old military guns. That's how Hawkeye came to be.

Twenty years later the little house is still here. Its been remodeled and has a nice 2-1/2 car garage for the boat and reloading center. The house is full now with two teenage girls So Hawk goes to his garage allot. There's more work than time now so the critters and garden are gone for now. But there is still time to fish, not as much as days past, but still time on weekends and vacation days. Now, time that is not spent working and fishing is used to play on his computer and creating new recipes. Hawk likes to cook and most of all eat good food. He likes to have friends over for cook out and family over for holidays meals.

Some say that Hawkeye is very oppionated, he's conservative now but has not always been. He like's to get news from allot of different sources just to see how it get changed form story to story. He trys to keep informed on political fronts but he's disappointed now. It looks like the revolution has died the death of politics of old. So now he is watching and listening, waiting to see what happens next before he make his next move. Hawkeye's looking for a new leader of the right to rekindle the revolution, so he waits...

Hawks Thoughts

Its 9/20/97. Looks like the revolution is stoped for now, but it looks like the freshman form 94 are still fighting.. They are sophomores now and are get geting support from the new freshman.. Hopefully there will be a new bunch of there in 98.... If that happens then you can start to see some real changes in the government... But as you can see in what has happend in the past few years , Newt and Lott are the same old polititions (Lets make a deal).... They talk the fight but have the back bone of a worm!!!

My man Fread Tomphson, is not as mean and lean as I would like to see but will see what happens there.. Any way no one really cares if the us political election was bought by the Chinese. The fact that the only way the Democrats won, was that thay broke the law>>>>>>....... OH WELL!!! who cares ?? As long as you don't mind letting the government take half of every thing you earn , it really dosen't matter..... After all Algore has admitted to a felony!! But who cares???

Hawks Thoughts

Its 7/12/98. Well looks like the election is coming up. Whats going to happen this go round?? My money is on the Republicans gaining seats ti the House and Senate. But the real question is how many seats.. Will the get enough to give them the extra votes Need to get the real work finished? The Work WE sent them there to do in 94

Newt is still trying to do as little as possible. HOw Knows what Lots doing these days. They have managed to stop the Gore Tax. (Tax on your phone bill) But really- its just smaller. The Good thing is, there not passing new laws and regulations but there not undoing the any of the over reaching laws and regulations already in force

The proof is overwhelming That our Chief Felon (Clinton) has Sold out to China and everyone else with money for his relection in 96. It was Lets Make a Deal the democrat way. And still no one really cares.. Its like the rupblicans just ignore all the thing Clinton has done, and Hope it will al go away!! NO BACK BONE if you ask me!! How canyou stand for some thing if you never stand up for any thing???

The press is starting to get whats been coming to them. Reporters has been proven to lie and make up stoies. NBC keeps getting sue for libel and loosing. The main networks keep loosing veiwers. All because of the bias they show in reporting the news. Talk radio still rules , the left can't seem to stop the truth!!! Its like a X-File--- The truthis out there, you just have to look for it and don't believe what you have been told unless you see it in more then just the network news..

The biggest problem we have , is there is still not a real leader in the Republican Party to follow. So I am still waiting and watching how things play out. I just a Right Wing Conspirator waiting for the revolution!!!

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